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Essential Information for Current Camp-Resort Guests
Welcome to the Jellystone Park™ Guest Dashboard!
Here, you’ll have access to all the information you need to have the best vacation ever. We hope your stay at our Northern California campground exceeds expectations. If you have any concerns during your stay, please visit us at the Registration Station or stop one of our staff members—we would love the opportunity to address them promptly to ensure your experience is nothing short of amazing.
Campsite check-in/check-out times are 3pm/1pm
Cabin check-in/check-out times are 4pm/11am
Hours of Operation
Current Hours of Operation for May 24 - August 18, 2024

Registration Station
SAT - WED: 9AM - 7PM, THUR: 9AM - 8PM, FRI: 9AM - 10PM

Delta Market

Pic-A-Nic Basket
Mountain View Sweets
Marina Office
SAT - THUR: 8AM - 5PM, FRI: 8AM - 7PM


Water Playground
Lazy River
Comfort Stations:
DAILY: 24/7
Waterfront Grille:

Gem Mining

Bark Park
Jumping Pillow
Sports Courts
Laser Tag
Day Play Laser Tag:
Lights Out Laser Tag:
Weather permitting. Advance sign up required – visit the Yogi Bear™ Pavilion!

Mini Golf
Quiet Hours
Daily Activities
View daily activity schedule below or download Jellystone Park™ app!
On-Site Dining
Hungry? Stop by The Pic-A-Nic Basket for a snack or meal on-the-go!! Enjoy a variety of menu items like burgers, hot dogs and more! View our full menu.
Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Cindy Bear™ Sweet Treats serves up the richest, creamiest ice cream scoops and authentic Hawaiian shave ice.
Want a fabulous view of the Delta, accompanied by a fabulous cocktail or meal? Check out Waterfront Grille.
Camp-Resort Map
Check out our map so you can get to and from all of our awesome amenities! Print our Camp Resort Map at home!
TV Guide
Time to get cozy with your favorite shows! View TV Guide.
Add-on Instructions
Need a little help with your amenity? Here are some instructions! If you need additional assistance, feel free to give us a call or stop by the Registration Station!
Golf Carts
1. Make sure the brake is locked before putting the key in.
2. Turn the key to the “F” (forward) position. The “R” (reverse) position is to go backwards and will make a loud beeping noise. You will not hear the golf carts engine come on as most golf carts are quiet.
3. Slowly press down on the accelerator. It is important to press the accelerator slowly because golf carts start out at their full acceleration. After slowly pressing on the accelerator you will hear the break release and then you can gradually increase your speed.
4. Drive with caution and remember that our max speed is 5MPH.
5. To stop the golf cart, gradually press down on the brake until you hear it lock in place. It is critical that the brake is locked in place otherwise the golf cart will not remain parked.
6. Take the key out when you are not operating the golf cart. Golf carts should be charged each day. Simply plug the charger into an electrical outlet.
7. Some golf carts also require a second cord to be plugged into the charger and then into the cart charging port.

Hot Tubs
1. Hot tubs will only heat up approximately 1 degree per hour. When heating, the indicator light on the settings cluster will be illuminated. The jets and the heater will not run at the same time.
2. Adding water from the hydrant will cool the hot tub down so guests should not splash water out or overflow the hot tub with too many people.
3. Please keep the hot tub covered when not in use to help it to maintain its set temperature and to keep it clean.
4. Guests should rinse off before using the hot tub and only wear a swim suit.
5. Hot tubs have a maximum temperature of 104 degrees and should not be used by people with open soars, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other concerning medical risks without consulting their doctor first. Children and women who are pregnant should not use the hot tub.
Important Information Regarding Your Stay
• Quiet hours: Daily, 11pm-8am 
• Check-out is by 11am for cabins and 1pm for campsites. While at the park, make sure that a car tag is visibly displayed in all vehicles. 
• Wristbands must be worn during your stay. 
• Max 8 people per site. 
• Firewood & Ice are available for purchase at the Ranger Station (camp store). 
• Trash Service is provided. Please place your bagged trash and recycling at the front of your cabin between 9am and dusk and our Rangers will pick it up for you. Please do not leave your trash overnight. We wouldn’t want any critters getting into your leftovers! 
• At the end of your stay our housekeeping staff will clean your cabin and prepare it for our next guest. Please make sure to leave your cabin as clean as it was upon arrival by washing your dishes, putting any items moved back in their original location and bagging your trash and setting it outside. Guests will be charged $75-$250 if the cabin is excessively dirty and requires extra cleaning. 
• Help us conserve energy by turning off both outside and inside lights when they are not needed. When using AC/heating in the cabins, please close doors and windows. 
• A fire ring has been provided so you can enjoy a campfire. Help us keep the Camp-Resort clean and protect the environment by not moving your fire ring. You will be charged $25 if the fire ring is moved. The furniture inside the cabins has been designed for indoor use. We ask that you do not take the furniture outdoors—this includes moving the wood rocking chairs from the deck or porch. 
• In order to provide a healthy environment for all our guests, we prohibit smoking inside and within 50 ft. from all cabins and public buildings. Guests will be charged an additional $250 cleaning fee if it is discovered that someone has been smoking in a cabin. 
• Each cabin has been equipped with items to make your stay more enjoyable. We ask that you care for these items and leave them in the cabin when you depart. Guests will be charged for items that are damaged or removed. For information on the cost of items, please give us a call or stop by the Registration Station. 
• We welcome furry friends in the cabins that have been designated “pet-friendly.” For the health of other guests, we prohibit pets in all other cabins. Guests may be charged an extensive cleaning fee if it is discovered a pet has been in a cabin that is not furry friend approved. Please note that the use of formaldehyde based products in RV tanks is prohibited. 
Find all of our Rules and Policies here.
Contact and Local Health Care Providers
Have a question or concern during your stay? Stop by the Registration Station. In the case of life threatening emergencies, dial 911.
*Please notify the Camp-Resort staff if you call 911 so we can assist in getting emergency personnel to the correct location in the park.
Registration Station: (209) 369-1041
Park After Hours/Emergency Line: (209) 369-1041, #3
If your are planning to arrive after our normal Registration Station hours, you may check in by stopping at the security gate when you come into the park. Our staff will have your packet there waiting for you along with a map that shows you how to get to your site or cabin. In the event that there is no one in the security gate area, your packet will be located in the black mailbox next to the sliding door. If there is anything you need prior to our office reopening please feel free to call our after hours number at 209-369-1041 Option 3.
Local Health Care Providers:
Urgent Care:
Lodi Memorial Urgent Care
1235 W Vine St, Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 339-7600
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-8pm; Sat & Sun 10am-7pm
Lodi Memorial Hospital
875 S Fairmont Ave, Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 334-3411
San Joaquin Sheriff’s Dept
(209) 468-4400
Woodbridge Fire Department
(209) 369-1945