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The Best Hiking Trails Near Sacramento, CA
Sacramento is just 45 minutes away from Jellystone Park™ Tower Park and offers a variety of hiking trails for all levels of expertise. Whether you're staying at our Camp-Resort for a week or weekend, or just passing through Sacramento, we recommend checking out one of the many hiking trails this city has to offer. Keep reading for easy, moderate, and strenuous hiking trails near Sacramento to find one that's perfect for you!

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail: Easy - Various Lengths

Begin your hiking adventure with the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, nestled along the American River Parkway. With a network of trails spanning up to 32 miles, this hike is perfect for all skill levels. Enjoy the serenity of the river, lush landscapes, and the refreshing ambiance that makes this trail a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This Sacramento hiking trail is located just one hour from Jellystone Park™ Tower Park.

Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park: Easy to Moderate - Various Lengths

For a versatile hiking experience just an hour and a half drive from our California campground, head to Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park. Offering trails ranging up to 12 miles, this park caters to both beginners and those seeking a bit more challenge. Marvel at the diverse terrain, from rolling hills to picturesque meadows, taking in the beautiful hiking in Northern California. Be sure to stop by both The American River and the movie set for Love Comes Softly starring Katherine Heigl when visiting this location!

Hidden Falls Regional Park: Easy to Moderate - Various Lengths

Hidden Falls Regional Park lives up to its name, providing a hidden gem for hikers. This hiking trail near Sacramento is only an hour and a half away from our Camp-Resort. Explore trails up to 11 miles long, leading you to hidden waterfalls and scenic vistas. The mix of easy and moderate trails ensures a pleasant outing for hikers of all skill levels. 

Auburn State Recreation Area: Easy to Strenuous - Various Lengths

An hour and a half from Jellystone Park™ Tower Park, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Auburn State Recreation Area. With trails stretching up to 14 miles, these hiking trails near Sacramento offer a perfect blend of easy to strenuous hikes. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the American River and lush landscapes as you traverse the diverse trails.

Lake Natoma Loop Trail: Easy - 11.5 Miles

For a long scenic hike, the Lake Natoma Loop Trail is an ideal choice. This 11.5-mile loop trail takes you around the beautiful Lake Natoma, providing serene water views and a tranquil atmosphere. This hiking trail near Sacramento is perfect for a leisurely day out with family or friends. An hour of driving from our Camp-Resort will get you to this scenic Northern California hiking trail!

Cosumnes River Preserve: Easy - Various Lengths

Experience the rich biodiversity of the Cosumnes River Preserve. With trails spanning up to 11 miles, this preserve offers an easy hiking experience surrounded by wetlands, grasslands, and riparian forests. Birdwatchers will particularly appreciate the diverse bird species that call this area home. From our Northern California campground, spend less than half an hour in the car to reach these hiking trails near Sacramento.

William B. Pond Recreation Area: Easy - 2 Miles

Looking for a quick escape into nature? The William B. Pond Recreation Area boasts a scenic 2-mile loop trail, perfect for a short and easy hike. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance around a beautiful pond and take in the natural beauty of this accessible trail. This hiking trail near Sacramento is less than an hour from Jellystone Park™ Tower Park.

Effie Yeaw Nature Center: Easy - Various Lengths

Discover the wonders of Effie Yeaw Nature Center, where various trails offer a maximum of 6 miles of exploration. This family-friendly hiking trail in Northern California provides a close encounter with local wildlife and diverse ecosystems, making it an educational and enjoyable hiking experience. Just outside of Sacramento, this destination is about an hour from our California campground.


Stevens Trail: Moderate - 9 Miles

An hour and a half from our Camp-Resort, the Stevens Trail awaits. Stretching 4.5 miles each way, this Northern California hiking trail offers a more elevated experience through forests and along the American River. The effort is rewarded with breathtaking views, making it a favorite among avid hikers. 

Canyon View Preserve: Easy - 3 Miles

Canyon View Preserve provides a picturesque escape with its 3-mile loop trail. This easy hike is perfect for those looking to enjoy the beauty of rolling hills and serene landscapes. Bring your camera, as this preserve offers plenty of photo-worthy moments. This hiking trail near Sacramento is located just an hour and fifteen minutes from Jellystone Park™ Tower Park. Time it right and you just might be able to see the California poppies!


What are you waiting for?! It's time to explore one, multiple, or all of these Sacramento hiking trails to top off your family getaway. Don't forget to bring sunscreen, plenty of water, and snacks!