Water Zone Update

Due to the large influx of inquiries and phone calls we have received concerning the opening of our new Water Zone and Lazy River, we have created this landing page to serve as a reference for those looking for updates on the opening of the Water Zone and Lazy River.

Update as of 8/20/19:

We are unable to definitively state when the Water Zone and Lazy River will open. We continue to have conversations with the permitting agencies at both the State and County level. Because we continue to work through various items that these agencies are requiring, and because we are often at the mercy of these agencies in their responses and requests for additional information, we cannot tell you with certainty when the Water Zone and Lazy River will be open. We will, of course, update you as soon as we have any additional information to provide.

We know that we can’t fully replace the fun of a Water Zone and lazy river, but we will do our best to make it up to our guests who booked looking forward to these amenities. We’ll be offering each guest 1 free lazer tag session, 1 free bumper boat session, and have additional free arts & crafts and other activities, including access to the 2 existing pools and 2 large, inflatable water slides to ensure our campers will still make camping memories that will last a lifetime.