This year, we’re committed to doing our part to help make our Camp-Resort more eco-friendly! From reducing use of plastic items to planting additional trees, we are excited to execute more green living initiatives in 2020. Keep reading below for a complete list of the changes to come at Jellystone Park™ Tower Park.


1. No more plastic check-in bags. Upon check-in, guests will no longer receive a plastic bag full of information about their stay. Instead, all informational materials will be provided in paper bags which can be recycled. Plus, did you know we have reusable bags for sale?

2. Reducing paper waste with campersAPP. Instead of printing thousands of activities schedules, we’re moving all of our events to an easy-to-use app called campersAPP. By downloading the app, guests can check their schedules anytime from their device, get text reminders about upcoming events, and more!

3. No more styrofoam cups. Order your next drink from the Pic-a-Nic Basket and it will now come in a paper cup instead of styrofoam. In the future, we plan on continuing to look for ways that we can increase the use of more sustainable alternatives throughout our Camp-Resort.

4. Including additional friendly reminders in our cabin rentals to help remind our guests to turn off lights, appliances, and fans when not in use. We appreciate your help in reducing unnecessary energy usage and in turn, making our Camp-Resort more green!

5. Removal of paper towels from our cabin rentals will help our Camp-Resort be kinder to the environment by reducing paper waste. In place of paper towels, all cabins rentals will include a dishcloth, hand towel, and a sponge.

6. Planting more trees and plants throughout the Camp-Resort is one of our goals for 2020. Not only do trees provide extra shade during the hot summer months, but they also have a positive impact on the environment. Trees help improve air quality, reduce erosion and pollution of our waterways, and provide shelter for numerous wildlife species.

7. Please, no littering. We hope that our guests are taking the appropriate steps to properly take care of their trash, but having a friendly reminder doesn’t hurt – so we will be adding “no littering” signs throughout the Camp-Resort. In addition, we encourage our campers to use the provided trash cans and dumpsters throughout their stay.

8. We have installed solar panels as cover for our boat storage which will help our Camp-Resort reduce the use of electricity needed!


We believe in doing our part to help take better care of our planet, and initiating a few simple changes is a great place to start! If you’re looking to take steps to become more green at your home, start simple and work your way up from there – together we can make a difference!