Day Camp Passes

Camp just for the day at Jellystone Park™!

  • Visitor Fees

    Jellystone Park™ welcomes visitors! If you would like to visit someone staying at the park we have visitor passes available for a fee.

    Visitor Rates apply to the following:

    • Extra persons not included in cabin or campsite rates
    • Guests visiting someone staying at the park

    Visitors and extra persons are only required to pay fees for a maximum of 3 nights. Staying for more than 3 nights? Only pay for the first 3 and stay for free nights 4-7!

  • Day Camp Passes

    Take a day camping trip at Jellystone Park™!

    Passes are $15/person and $5/car and include full access to our activities. 

    10am-6pm Weekdays

    Please note that we will not be able to give day passes when the park is full. Give us a call before you drop by to make sure you don’t waste a drive!

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